Mid Atlantic Comedy

I am on Azamara Journey where the guests who we don’t call passengers any more are mainly from The USA, Canada, Australia and The UK with a few other countries thrown in to the mix. To say I have to be adaptable these days to survive would be an understatement. It’s a continuous challenge to keep coming up with new material as well as we are getting a lot of repeat passengers cruising three or four times a year. I have had conversations with some of these guests and when they say ‘ We have seen you four or five times in the last year, some of the material is still the same.’ I have a stock answer when they tell me this, I ask them if they go to musicals, I find out that they love a musical like Le Miserable or Phantom Of The Opera and I say ‘If you went to see it again do you think they would change the ending for you?’ It’s what we do and most comics will change bits and add new material but give us a break, even some of the biggest stars take a year or so to come up with a new hour.

Recently there was a comic on Facebook who has been around for a long time saying that the old school cruise comics days were coming to an end. The reason he was saying this was because he was performing on a ship where they had a comedy club and he could perform in there saying what he wanted to American audiences who in his words preferred there comedy modern and observational like his rather than the shared old gags the old comics deliver. Well, that’s great and a lot of us so called old school comics know that as some of us have been writing and performing our own stuff to Americans for many years. He also said in his blog that British audiences on cruise ships were old and sat there thinking they were important because they were dressed in formal attire. Well, I’m here to tell you that that if you can adapt your act like many of us have to those audiences, they can be an absolute delight to play to. I have had British audiences laughing at ‘edgy’ material that’s my own and so I don’t need you ‘said comic’ to tell me that my days are numbered just because after many attempts you are finally getting a good response on a cruise. I have had a long going battle with ‘said comic’ who’s taken to Facebook before to slag off old comics saying that they try to steal his material. If his material was worth stealing maybe he would be on television like most good young comics on the comedy circuit are but I am struggling to think of a TV show that he has appeared on in the last fifteen years. It’s no secret but I am a fan of both the comedy club circuit and the so called mainstream circuit. I think that both circuits could actually learn from each other which would be so much better than continuous slagging off like ‘said comic’ goes in for. I suppose at the end of the day it makes him feel important and it’s a bit of a boost to his ego.

My son has been doing his GCSE’s for the last few weeks and I’ve never seen him work so hard. He seems focused and really wants to do well. I am all for that, I don’t think I would be that keen on him being a comic. Son’s of comedian’s sometimes become very bitter and I wouldn’t want that to happen. Sorry but maybe sometimes you have to say what you see!